The SDI Team



Hi there! I grew up in Asia, nerded out with computers for 15 years, and then found a way to live my work life through photography. So that's the last 30,  u'hem, 40+ years. Now I spend my days (and some nights if we're being honest here), trying to create great lifestyle commercial imagery. Outside of work (which to me is just another hobby that pays for stuff), you'd probably find me out driving to some fun place with one of my kids, or fishing, reading, or listening to music. But hey enough about me, meet the ones who really make this engine run...




Courtney's jobs consist of taking pretty pictures, bossing people around, and keeping tiny humans alive. She can often be seen around the studio producing awesome photo shoots with a baby strapped to her chest, drinking absurd amounts of coffee, and laughing with models so they feel less awkward. When she isn't working with the best team and models in the world, she spends her loads of free time doing laundry and heating up chicken nuggets. She doesn't have time for hobbies, as evidenced by her Instagram. To see her work shenanigans follow us on IG at @sdimagery. To see her adorable children follow her at @chalephoto. 


Around these parts, Raissa keeps everything on schedule and in order. If something in the studio looks messy then Raissa must not have come in yet. From wardrobe to props to styling to organizing our millions of releases, Raissa simply has too many daily to-dos to list. We're not sure where she finds the time and energy to, but she often happily ends up in front of the camera too!


The newest member at SDI. Quickly transforming into a Photography and Photoshop wizard. She also makes sure everyone is in a good mood, and rumor has it she doubles as a superhero in the off hours.